Cleanings and Recare Appointments

Prevention is the best medicine.  We recommend routine care to our patients based on their individual needs.  Most people benefit from routine cleanings and check ups every six months, but some people require more frequent cleanings to help keep their mouth and gums healthy.

Routine care will help keep your teeth and gums healthier by removing debris you are not able to remove between appointments, and it will also help catch problems earlier, so they are smaller and easier (and usually less expensive) to fix.  We have ultrasonic instruments and a baking soda cleaning system we may recommend to make your cleaning easier, but they are not always needed.

Routine care in children and adolescents is important to catch developmental issues that may need to be corrected either by appliance therapy during growth periods or orthodontics (braces).  Children can also be more prone to cavities, so oral hygiene will be monitored and home instruction reinforced.  Sealants may also be recommended to help protect the back teeth from cavities.

Other services done during recare appointments are oral cancer screenings, temporomandibular joint (TMJ) evaluation and monitoring gum health for evidence of gum disease.

If you have any concerns or questions during this appointment please let us know!  Our job is to make you aware of your current oral condition and give you options, and also likely long term response of no treatment so that you can make the best treatment decisions for you and your family.