Some children are more prone to cavities than others.  We will let you know your child’s decay risk and may recommend sealants.  Sealants, along with brushing and flossing and a low sugar diet, are our most effective means of preventing decay in children. 

The procedure involves placing a white coating on the grooves of the back teeth, which can be deep and difficult to clean with a toothbrush.  It takes just minutes and does not require anesthesia. 

If these grooves are deeper sealants are usually recommended as soon as possible after eruption for the first (or six year) molars, and again for the second (or twelve year) molars, but they can be placed at other times and still be effective. 

If it appears a tooth is becoming susceptible to decay sealants can be placed preventively on other teeth to prevent the early stages of tooth decay from progressing.

Sealants will be monitored at recare visits, and maintenance or replacement may be necessary in the future, especially if ice or sticky things are consumed regularly.